Webinar: Building a Talent Strong Texas through Competency-Based Education

Over the past decade, Texas has been a pioneer in advancing competency-based education (CBE). This is in large part due to state level leadership that has set the conditions to begin to scale CBE in all sectors of learning. Notably, there are well-established CBE programs at the technical college, community college, and university levels spanning certificates, associates, and bachelor degree credentials, state-level and cross institution collaborative efforts, state-level foundation support in pilots, and supportive measures within outcomes-based funding formulas.

In a new report from C-BEN, supported by the Greater Texas Foundation, these state actions are shared as well as an outline for the potential for CBE to scale in Texas.

This webinar, held February 13, 2024, provided a view of CBE transformation across the state as well as the opportunities at hand to advance a robust agenda for scale.