“What is Competency-Based Education?” Close-Captioned Video

  C-BEN recognizes that today, competency-based education is still a nascent field with a small number of people and institutions understanding enough to describe it or implement it. To ensure its impact on the future of learning and student success, C-BEN is committed to spreading its knowledge and expertise through programming and support services that […]

“What is Competency-Based Education?” Video Transcript

  Video Transcript: What is Competency-Based Education? Produced by Helen Lowe, Creative Catalyst, Catalytica   0:00 – 00:13: In America today, more people than ever need higher education.  Yet far too many don’t pursue or earn degrees, often because traditional classroom-based programs don’t fit their lives.   0:14 – 0:21:  In response, a growing number […]