Western Kentucky University (WKU), one of eight public universities in Kentucky, has a long history of non-term based instruction. The infrastructure to support these efforts has been evolving since the inception of the current On Demand unit back in 1920. The On Demand unit supports processes related to non-term instruction at WKU including registration, billings, and student support services. WKU On Demand uses software to manage and track enrollment and completion information, and coaches also use software to monitor student progress and provide a high level of coaching support. The retention tool embedded in the software allows notes and comments to be stored, students and staff to schedule coaching appointments, and emails to be sent based on specifications outlined by the coaches and support staff.

Additionally, Western Kentucky University uses online course sites and keeps them active across terms allowing students to access materials as their schedules allow throughout their nine-month enrollment period. In these ways, Western Kentucky University leverages technologies to support learners’ experiences.