South Texas College’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Organization Leadership offers cross-cutting and interdisciplinary competencies for students including interpersonal skills, organizational behavior, problem solving, decision making, change management, resource management, and information literacy. These competencies are divided across both upper and lower division courses during the program. Mastery of these competencies is determined through a series of processes. In lower division courses, pre-tests and post-tests are used as one tool to assess mastery. These tests are comprised of a wide range of evaluative devices including case studies and essays. Learners can take this post-test when they feel most prepared to do so, at which point they can advance to other courses. In upper division coursework, mastery is determined based on a greater variety of exams, essays, and demonstrations. South Texas also offers an e-portfolio for graduates to serve as evidence after mastery of competencies of students’ skills. As of May 2016, the South Texas CBE program has a rate of 57% of graduates being placed in a job or matriculating in a graduate program one year post-graduation.