Serving over 60,000 students per year, Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) is proud to be a founding member of the Competency-Based Education Network. SLCC currently has 19 CBE programs and is in the midst of developing general education courses as well. Since inception in 2015, SLCC has enrolled over 1000 students in its CBE programs. These programs run on an open-term and allow students to accelerate and decelerate, as needed. In addition, students can start a program on most Mondays throughout the year.

SLCC has been very deliberate about the quality and design of their CBE courses. As such, SLCC played a large role in helping to develop and refine C-BEN’s Quality Framework for CBE programs. All of SLCC’s programs were developed using the C-BEN guidelines and all future programs will also follow the guidelines.

SLCC has helped numerous community colleges with the logistics and pain points that come with launching a new CBE program. As with any new innovation, there have been many lessons learned in this process. SLCC is proud to help colleges across the country as they make the decision to move towards CBE.