Learners at Capella University progress to graduation by demonstrating mastery of all competencies. Competencies for all programs are published, which provides transparency to learners as to what they will learn. Capella’s direct assessment format—called FlexPath—uses a self-paced model so learners can complete assessments and move through their program on their own schedule. Competency assessments are embedded throughout academic programs to promote learner success via regular and supportive expert faculty feedback. Faculty assess learners’ competency demonstrations using published criterion-referenced scoring guides, which allows learners to know the performance expectations for each competency and how their judged performance can be improved. Learners’ progress toward and verification of competency mastery is visualized through Capella’s proprietary Competency Map. Competency Map can be printed or shared digitally, which provides learners and graduates an easy and visually appealing way to showcase their verified competencies with employers, hiring managers, and licensing boards, among other external stakeholders.