From first point of contact to alumni involvement, engaged staff and faculty at Antioch University place a premium on student success and have developed a hybrid CBE doctoral program that has been in existence for more than 15 years. Antioch’s full-time faculty in the Graduate School of Leadership and Change—all at senior full professor level—work as an integrated and interdisciplinary team to offer an outcomes-based curriculum, design, delivery and assessment. This work is supported through organizational structures in which faculty share all unit responsibilities—teaching, advising, chairing dissertations, serving on committees, and evaluating Learning Achievements (assignments demonstrating the learner’s acquisition of knowledge and skills)—with differentiated annual responsibilities based on expertise and career-span. Faculty, all of whom work from home offices, have an extremely high satisfaction rate as evidenced in performance evaluations and retention rates, while students’ graduation rates are above the national average.

Faculty have embedded three main goals into curriculum, assessment, and learning activities for each of their doctoral students: to be reflective learners, reflective practitioners and reflective scholars. This entails thinking deeply about one’s needs as a learner, about one’s inclusive leadership, and about exploring and sharing within one’s intellectual field of expertise. In this way, faculty drive an intentional design and delivery of their CBE program, curriculum, and assessment.