Video Transcript: What is Competency-Based Education?

Produced by Helen Lowe, Creative Catalyst, Catalytica


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In America today, more people than ever need higher education.  Yet far too many don’t pursue or earn degrees, often because traditional classroom-based programs don’t fit their lives.


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In response, a growing number of colleges and universities are offering another option:  competency-based education.


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Each program is unique, offering creative, state of the art learning opportunities to fit the needs of many students who might not otherwise pursue education.  Programs accomplish this by:

transparently communicating the learning objectives students must achieve to earn degrees and other credentials.

By enabling students with existing knowledge and skills to personalize their educations and accelerate progress towards completion.

By using technology that enables students to learn anytime, anywhere, at prices they can afford.

And by integrating support from faculty, mentors, and coaches that can build confidence needed for success, aimed at creating fair and just educational results.


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While no single option is right for all students, these programs offer relevant and verifiable skills for greater success in work and life.


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The Competency-Based Education Network is helping colleges and universities create programs that engage students who otherwise might not be reached.


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