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Key C-BEN Resources

Below you will find our most downloaded CBE guides and resources.

CompetencyXChange Agenda

Quality Framework for Competency-Based Education Programs

Quality Framework for Competency-Based Education Programs: User's Guide

The CBE Story A Strategic Storytelling Toolkit

C-BEN Employer Engagement Best Practices Toolkit

Designing with Equity in Mind: An Action Toolkit for Competency-Based Education

Students reveal 5 things they love about their institution’s CBE programs (Ascione, 2017)

Nicolet My Way, Competency Based Education Becomes Model (Krall, 2018)

In rural Maine, a university eliminates most Fs in an effort to increase graduation rates (Feinberg, 2018)

Implementation of competency-based curriculum: College of Philosophy, Universidad Nacional del Este, Paraguay (Pereira de Vallejos, Morel and Tusing, 2017)

Here’s How Western Governors U. Aims to Enroll a Million Students (Blumenstyk, 2018)

Great Jobs, Great Lives — Gallup Study of Recent Western Governors University Alumni (WGU, 2018)