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Browse these resources to develop a competency-based education program at your institution, help you lead CBE at the programmatic, institutional, or state-system level, or learn about the latest CBE research, design models, and best practices.

Key C-BEN Resources

Below you will find our most downloaded CBE guides and resources.

CompetencyXChange Agenda

Quality Framework for Competency-Based Education Programs

Quality Framework for Competency-Based Education Programs: User's Guide

The CBE Story A Strategic Storytelling Toolkit

C-BEN Employer Engagement Best Practices Toolkit

Designing with Equity in Mind: An Action Toolkit for Competency-Based Education

The Past and the Promise: Today’s Competency Education Movement (JFF, 2014)

The Culture Code: Turning Connection into Cooperation in Competency-Based Schools (Part 2) (Sturgis, 2018)

The Culture Code: Establishing Purpose in Competency-Based Schools (Part 3) (Sturgis, 2018)

The Culture Code: Creating a Culture for Competency-Based Schools (Part 1) (Sturgis, 2018)

Reaching the Tipping Point: Insights on Advancing Competency Education in New England

Progress and Proficiency: Redesigning Grading for Competency Education (Sturgis, 2014)

Meeting Students Where They Are (Rudenstine et al, 2018)

Meeting Students Where They Are (Rudenstine et al, 2017)

Looking Under the Hood of Competency-Based Education: The Relationship Between Competency-Based Education Practices and Students’ Learning Skills, Behaviors, and Dispositions (AIR, 2016)

Levers and Logic Models: A Framework to Guide Research and Design of High-Quality Competency-Based Education Systems (Casey and Sturgis, 2018)

In Pursuit of Equality: A Framework for Equity Strategies in Competency-Based Education (Sturgis, 2017)

How One New Hampshire District is Leveraging Success Skills in a Competency-Based System (Vander Els and Kiley, 2018)