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Browse these resources to develop a competency-based education program at your institution, help you lead CBE at the programmatic, institutional, or state-system level, or learn about the latest CBE research, design models, and best practices.

Key C-BEN Resources

Below you will find our most downloaded CBE guides and resources.

Interoperable Learning & Employment Records

CompetencyXChange Agenda

Quality Framework for Competency-Based Education Programs

Quality Framework for Competency-Based Education Programs: User's Guide

The CBE Story A Strategic Storytelling Toolkit

C-BEN Employer Engagement Best Practices Toolkit

Partners in a new Learning Model: Competency-Based Education and Credit for Prior Learning

Designing with Equity in Mind: An Action Toolkit for Competency-Based Education

Deconstructing CBE: An assessment of institutional activity, goals, and challenges in higher education (2016)

A Delphi Study of Effective Practices for Developing Competency-Based Learning Models in Higher Education (Dissertation, 2016)

Competency-based education could benefit veterans by recognizing their military skills (Lumina, 2017)

50-State Comparison: Academic Credit for Military Experience (ECS, 2018)

Three Tips For Introducing Competency-Based Learning Into K-12 (Madda, 2016)

The Past and the Promise: Today’s Competency Education Movement (JFF, 2014)

The Culture Code: Turning Connection into Cooperation in Competency-Based Schools (Part 2) (Sturgis, 2018)

The Culture Code: Establishing Purpose in Competency-Based Schools (Part 3) (Sturgis, 2018)