Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR)

During the first phase of the Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) project (2015 – 2017), three institutions developed and implemented a competency-based education program CLR.

From the successful CBE CLR models developed and implemented in phase one, phase two of the project expanded the number of institutions with CLR, and specifically identifies the inclusion of CBE CLR’s. The CLR collaborator:

1. Facilitated the scaling of CLRs in up to 150 colleges and universities.
2. Standardized the components of a CBE transcript/record with 10 participating institutions in this second phase.
-Draft standards universal enough to apply to any CBE program, regardless of technology being used.
-CBE participating institutions developed a CBE CLR that aligns with standards.
3. Addressed the data integration issue:
-Clearly identified the challenges across institutions at various resource levels.
-Identified potential solutions appropriate to these levels.
4. Leveraged existing degree audit technologies to track progress toward learning outcomes/competencies.

The resulting report, Standardized Components for a Competency-Based Educational Record, can be accessed here.