CBE Storytelling

This project focused on growing demand for CBE and advancing field capacity to tell the story of CBE. Explaining CBE to key audiences including students, internal stakeholders (faculty/staff/administrators), regulators and policymakers remains a leading challenge for many institutions building programs. This project aimed to build the capacity of C-BEN members to tell their best stories in the most compelling ways to different audiences. Members of the Collaboratory Project 2 produced The CBE Story: A Strategic Storytelling Toolkit. Additionally, this project conducted a national storytelling contest and created an online repository of learner stories.

The CBE Story: A Strategic Storytelling Toolkit

Members of the Collaboratory created The CBE Story: A Strategic Storytelling Toolkit. The Storytelling Toolkit is designed to help you communicate more effectively about the purpose, value and results of competency-based education. Inside this useful resource, you’ll find a framework for bringing your CBE story to life. There are activities, prompts, tips and templates to help you tell your best stories to different audiences, including students and families; faculty, staff and administrators; governing boards; regulators and policymakers; and employers. You will also find tools and resources that can aid you in helping others, such as students and faculty, to tell their stories. To access this toolkit, please click here.