Charla Long


How does a theme park lawyer with a background in meeting planning and 25 years of higher education experience end up as C-BEN’s President?

It was her love for theme parks (and Disney, in particular) that led Charla into higher education. She first started teaching hospitality law and then broadened her teaching areas. She’s taught in the arts & humanities, science & technology, and business divisions of public and private institutions. As a teacher, she infused project-based, experiential learning into all of her classes. As a higher education administrator, she’s launched a social justice institute, a graduate school for aging services, and a new academic college. Today, she is regarded as one of the nation’s leading experts on competency-based education earning her a name as a top 10 influential people in higher education by The Chronicle.

With an undergraduate degree in Meetings and Tourism Destination Management and experience with Disney and Apple Computer, Charla knows how to plan awesome events. CBExchange was an idea she brought to fruition in 2015 and has led ever since. If you’ve been to CBExchange, you know Charla’s heart. If you haven’t attended the conference yet, you must come experience the magic of our CBE community.

Amber Garrison Duncan

Executive Vice President

Amber fell in love with higher education the moment she left her small Texas town and stepped foot on campus at Texas Woman’s University. Her passion for supporting holistic approaches to learning were honed at this “campus with a heart” and led to a career working at institutions, nonprofits, and foundations to support the transformation of the U.S. higher education system to be more equitable and just.

Amber has led work in competency-based education, learning frameworks, assessment, credential recognition, digital learner records, and open data standards, as well as quality assurance. Before her role at C-BEN, Amber spent 8 years as a grant maker at Lumina Foundation and prior to that served as Director of Student Affairs Assessment and Research at the University of Oregon, and various student affairs roles at Florida State University, University of Michigan, Hope College and Texas A&M University.

If you’ve ever caught yourself in a brainstorming session with Amber, you know she thinks about what is possible and how to leverage change to create the most good, for the most people, in the largest way possible. The C-BEN community is a natural home for her as it is full of fun spirited and bright innovators who are focused on what is best for learners.

Yedid Minjares

Director of Consulting Services

A sociologist with a love of international travel, languages and food, Yedid pays attention to the details big and small that create the hallmark culture of the C-BEN community. In the same way that she can scratch cook with spices from around the world, Yedid goes above and beyond to create a place where stakeholders can shape the CBE movement from diverse perspectives, locations, and practices to create more access and success for marginalized communities. Prior to joining C-BEN, Yedid was the Office and Budget Manager in the College of Professional Studies at Lipscomb University, a founding C-BEN member. Yedid has competencies in project management, budget management, events, and liaison with consulting clients, vendors, and sponsoring organizations. Yedid has also served as a technical writer and has experience teaching, including serving as an English language teacher in Japan. C-BEN is fortunate to have Yedid bridging communications and processes for our members and partners. While Yedid is the core of C-BEN’s operations, be sure to ask her about her year studying Zapotec as it will give you better insight into her ability to keep people at the center of all we do.


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