Let the Games Begin: CBExchange 2022 Has Begun

Let the games begin! Festivities have kicked off here in Amelia Island, Florida at CBExchange 2022. Competency-Based Education Network President Charla Long and Executive Vice President Amber Garrison Duncan took the stage at 9am this morning to lead us through this year’s CBExchange kick-off.

Participants entered the room through a football tunnel fit for Super Bowl champions, greeted by cheerleaders celebrating their game-changing work. Participants got to dance, strut, and walk tall onto an astroturf football field, complete with crisp white yard lines and the C-BEN logo front and center, capped by field goals.

The stage — or field — is set to learn and grow as a competency-based community. As the conference continues, participants can expect to attend sessions that unpack the CBE movement, share best practices, and provide support to CBE leaders from across the country and around the globe. Whether participants are veteran CBE players or rookies to the movement, conference organizers have made sure there is something for everyone.

Stay tuned to this page and follow along as the conference continues. C-BEN is sure to leave it all on the field.

About the Competency-Based Education Network (C-BEN)

C-BEN is a network of institutions, employers, and experts who believe competencies can unlock the future of learning — making education and training more flexible, responsive, and valuable. We support stakeholders across the spectrum of competency-based learning, from institutions and employers who want to embed competencies into their existing programs to those looking to design full competency-based degree programs from the ground up. For more information, visit C-BEN.org

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