Important Announcements from C-BEN About Membership and Upcoming CBExchange Conference!

C-BEN’s Open to New Members – At long last, C-BEN is officially open to new members! If you know of interested individuals, please feel free to forward this piece to them, located on our website here: 

CBExchange Solicits Request for Presentation Proposals – If you are interested in presenting a session at CBExchange, the Request for Proposals process is open for submissions. Please visit to submit your proposed session no later than July 10.

CBExchange Registration is Open – CBExchange will be held September 20-22, 2017in Phoenix, AZ. Registration for Founding Members will begin next week and will occur separate from the public registration process since your participation is subsidized this year.

CBExchange Seeking Sponsoring Organizations – C-BEN is soliciting sponsors for this year’s CBExchange. Please encourage the companies and service providers you work with to consider a sponsorship. Sponsorship information can be found at