Community College Growth Engine Fund Scope of Work (January -December 2021)


As part of the national Community College Growth Engine Fund initiative (CCGEF), the Education Design Lab is leading a system-wide micro-pathway initiative with the City University of New York. Six community colleges located throughout the boroughs of New York City will co-design with employers, policy experts, high schools, community-based organizations and other ecosystem partners in developing employer-validated micro-pathways to be adopted across the entire CUNY system. CCGEF-CUNY will accelerate institutional change and build in critical resources to drive education-to-workforce ecosystem collaboration, powering student access to greater social and economic mobility – especially at a time where New Yorkers and the city need it the most.

The colleges and systems in the national CCGEF cohort receive hands-on support through the CCGEF design team and an Education Design Lab headquarters-based Innovation Coach. The CCGEF-CUNY Pathway Coach will be an additional on-the-ground asset supporting the system’s six participating community colleges across four NYC boroughs. The CCGEF-CUNY Pathway Coach will possess deep knowledge of the education-to-workforce ecosystem in New York City and will leverage their expertise and network in fostering deep collaboration between businesses, education, and communities in co-creating equitable economic opportunities for diverse, underserved, and low-income New Yorkers.


This project will inform key aspects of the Fund:

1) Institution Implementation and Iteration Support: Support selected institutions in designing, implementing and iterating on their micro-pathways

2) Exemplars and Best Practices: Curation of models and best practices related to program elements, e.g. micro-pathways, dual enrollment pathways, regional collaboratives, etc.

Timeline Project Period

January 31 – December 31, 2021 (can be extended)

Estimated Hours/week: Up to 15 hours/week

The Lab will assume responsibility for managing the project, including directing research and content development priorities, review of work, and incorporating deliverables into the design of the Fund.

Fee: $ 100/hour

Application Instructions

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to

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