HCM Strategists’ Release State Policy Resources on CBE

State and systems leaders are increasingly recognizing competency-based education (CBE) as a method to improve education delivery. They seek to better understand CBE, what states and systems can do to encourage the design and development of such programs, and how to think and talk about CBE in conversations at the policy level. Lumina funded HCM Strategists to work in four states to help explore ways states can support the growth of CBE programs. That work resulted in many lessons and ideas that are captured in the following documents:

  • A CBE State Toolkit, which provides resources that can help describe CBE at a high level;
  • State Policy Considerations for CBE in Higher Education, which outlines the state-level policies that can directly affect the growth of CBE;
  • State case studies that summarize the work and lessons in each of the four states.