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February CBE Huddle

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CBE Huddle: Using Non-Credit Offerings as a Springboard for CBE Development

Join us for a virtual CBE Huddle on Tuesday, February 22 from 2:00 PM CT/ 3:00 PM ET to learn how to use non-credit offerings as a springboard for CBE development.


Dr. Amardeep Kahlon, Dean, Technical Institute for Environmental Professions, Unity College: Amardeep is a nationally recognized expert on CBE and has experience teaching at both bachelor’s degree granting institutions as well as community colleges, leading her to be recognized as a top ten innovator by The Chronicle. She is also a member of the C-BEN Board of Directors.

Georgia Reagan, Strategy Officer for Employment Aligned Credentials, Lumina Foundation: Georgia leads work focused on leveraging short form learning to better align with employer needs. Prior to joining Lumina, Georgia worked at Mi Casa Resource Center where she led an amazing program that created a stackable pathway in the financial sector. Georgia also worked at Emily Griffith Technical College.

Brett Visger, Senior Director of Postsecondary Attainment, Education Strategy Group: Brett has been working on quality and stackability of NDCs for many years. Prior to ESG, Brett worked at the Ohio Department of Higher Education, KnowledgeWorks Foundation, and has worked on college access and completion his entire career.

Moderated by Dr. Amber Garrison Duncan, Executive Vice President at C-BEN.

Register below.

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