C-BEN Solutions

Building and implementing competency-based solutions for your organization’s needs.

The world is changing fast, and our approaches to education, training, and hiring must change with it. C-BEN is your partner in designing, implementing, and maintaining competency-based solutions that help individuals and organizations stay valuable and relevant in the new skills-based economy.

Our team of experts works with leaders across sectors – from K-12 and postsecondary education institutions to state systems and industry employers – to build or enhance skills-based solutions.

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The C-BEN team offers expert guidance and dedicated coaching to help you discover, build, implement, and scale competency-based education, training, and credentialing programs that lay the foundation for success.

Systems solutions and Policy Analysis

C-BEN offers blueprints for systems, states, and governments to scale competency-based solutions, including comprehensive policy analyses to evaluate the landscape and the tools to lead you through any stage of the journey.


C-BEN offers a suite of self-directed professional development courses to help you gain mastery in any area of competency-based education, from curriculum development to assessment. Expert CBE coaches offer personalized support for leaders seeking to hone what they know and master what they don’t.

From our partners...

C-BEN has served as the catalyst that has helped Illinois stakeholders revolutionize our early care and education professional development.  As partners, we went from the realm of exciting, innovative ideas to application and implementation. We would not have accomplished/completed all that we have done – from the integration of competencies into our credentialing and degree structure at 100% of our higher education institutions to the testing of an innovative state system for prior learning assessment - without the partnership of C-BEN.

Jodi Scritchlow

Senior Director- Professional Opportunities & Development, INCCRRA Gateways to Opportunity

KU is preparing our infrastructure to deliver direct assessment competency-based programs – perhaps the most challenging model of CBE from a systems change perspective. 

Our C-BEN partners took into account the unique characteristics of our university and of our team, providing us with great advice every step of the way. They broke our journey into six 90-day sprints to make the work more manageable and to keep us on schedule. 

Throughout the process they've walked the walk of great consultants – our success has been as important to them as it is to us. We simply couldn't have done this as well or as quickly without C-BEN.

Dr. Barbara Bichelmeyer

Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor, The University of Kansas

C-BEN was established at a time when societal and technological shifts in the landscape were converging to create a tremendous need for leadership. A strong network of members has emerged, so joining this network means accessing a deep well of practical knowledge on everything from leading large-scale change to choosing a particular technology.

Erin Crisp

Tennessee Grow Your Own Center

"Scaling competency-based education and skills-based hiring concurrently is central to Alabama's strategy for reaching its postsecondary attainment and labor force participation goals. C-BEN is one of Alabama's foremost partners in translating all forms of learning into competencies so we can have a training system built on skills. C-BEN has become the central banker for a national skills currency that is helping to make all learning count."

Nick Moore

Alabama Talent Triad

Our work with C-BEN has been valuable to be surrounded by experts in the field and the networking opportunities to learn from others that had similar experiences. The C-BEN team were knowledgeable, inspiring, and encouraging as we were going through our CBE journey.

Shelley Rinehart

Assistant Vice Chancellor Instructional and Program Support Efficacy, San Jacinto College

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