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We believe that competencies are key to unlocking the future of learning and have experts ready to support your organization at every level. C-BEN is here to serve as your personal strategic advisor to develop, launch, and maintain best-in-class programs that support the upward mobility of individuals and drive economic prosperity in states and countries.

Our consulting services are designed with your goals in mind and personalized to meet your needs, with services offered for education and training providers as well as guiding organizations like states, systems, and policy organizations.

Credentialing Programs

Competency-Based Education Program Coaching and Technical Assistance for Individual Organizations

Leveraging a combination of educational sessions, individualized coaching, and connections to leading industry partners, we provide technical assistance to credentialing and learning providers based on our Quality Framework for CBE Programs. Personalize your level of engagement of our specialized workshops along with coaching support.


Systems-Level Strategy and Implementation

C-BEN works with executive leaders from state agencies, education systems, districts, non-profits, corporations, and policy organizations to conceptualize and implement competency-based solutions that transform workforce and learning to deliver on economic mobility. This work uses competencies as the currency of learning and skills-based hiring to streamline transitions between education and work, assess prior learning at scale, and create access for populations of learners with barriers to education.


Illinois Board of Higher Education and the Illinois Network of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies - Working with 76 two- and four-year institutions in the state

Alabama Talent Triad- Use of Statewide Competency Ontology and Learning and Employment Records

Research, Reports, and Policy Implications

Through our innovative work, we uncover the barriers and opportunities for the implementation and scale of competency-based solutions. C-BEN leverages the knowledge and expertise of the network to lift up key insights that can guide the field of competency-based education and systems solutions that enable scale of skills and competencies. These can take the form of reports, issue papers, case studies, toolkits, and implementation guides.


Examples of Work:

UMass Case Study
Interoperability Principles


Dr. Cindy Parker

Vice President of Online Education, Johnson & Wales University

“We like working with Charla and C-BEN because they bring a level of expertise that can’t be found anywhere else. Their workshops helped give our faculty a more positive view of CBE.”

Dr. Stephanie Davidson

Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Ohio Department of Higher Education

“Having an expert group that I can go to if I need something CBE-related is a great help. It’s nice to have C-BEN out there with the expertise to think through next steps at the state level. They do great work and are willing to ask what is needed and make a suggestion. I’ve loved working with Charla and her team.”