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As an innovation network founded to support the scale of competency-based education, collaborations with corporations, ed tech companies, foundations and others have been essential from the start to identifying market solutions. Our partners have been key to supporting the growth of C-BEN through sponsoring events, funding the development of new capacity building toolkits, and bringing in CBE experts through consulting. C-BEN values the mutual benefit, innovation, and growth of the field that results when we actively partner with others invested in the competency-based movement.


C-BEN’s largest event of the year attracts over 500 in person attendees and is the foremost conference on competency-based education. CBExchange is a key time for collaboration across the movement. C-BEN works with its partners to customize sponsorship packages so your organizational goals can be met long after the event is over.

Parter with C-BEN

Whether known as mastery-based learning, personalized learning, or a host of other names, C-BEN is the only organization in the country, and globally for that matter, that is dedicated to the growth of competency-based learning in higher education. Our network of “movement makers” represent U.S. institutions of higher education (60%), corporations (7%), non-profit and associations (8%), state systems and other government entities (8%), international higher education institutions (2%) and individual champions (15%). Individuals in the CBE movement include presidents, provosts, deans, student affairs professionals, financial aid directors, registrars, and, importantly, faculty. As a result, transformative change can be accomplished and we hear often from our partners that sponsorships and projects with C-BEN are often more fruitful than traditional venues.

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