What is C-BEN membership?

At C-BEN, we bring together an expansive member network of leaders who are transforming how we design, experience, and measure learning throughout a lifetime.

We guide our network so that they can develop and implement successful competency-based programs, provide members with resources and quality guidelines, and create opportunities for members to connect and learn from one other, like at the annual CBExchange Conference.

Together, our network of changemakers is working towards a reimagined future where everyone can grow the competencies they need for career-readiness and lifelong learning.

Who Can Join?

C-BEN offers memberships for organizations and individuals that are active in the CBE movement. If you are a higher education institution, government agency, non-profit, corporation, service provider, or individual, we have a place for you!

Why Join?

C-BEN is where passion, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence combine to create a better path forward – for everyone. As a C-BEN member, you will gain access to a diverse, passionate community that is continually driving innovation in CBE, sharing insights and best practices across sectors, and collaborating to advance the competency-based movement.


CBE Champion

Ideal for institutional, district, or non-profit leaders. Receive benefits like an annual program review, discounted consulting, and access to an executive network


Individuals connect with a community of your peers, enjoy opportunities to collaborate and share your own expertise

Strategic Partners

Customized sponsorship opportunities that are beneficial to both your Corporation or Foundation and to the growth of the CBE movement

Friend of CBE

Free membership for individuals to explore the community and access essential communications.

Ready to join the community?