A new case study website provides a behind-the-scenes look at the University of Wisconsin Flexible Option academic, business and operational models. Lumina Foundation supported the development of at-a-glance takeaways and challenges, which expand to include more detail and resources in six main content areas of Academics, Budget, Communications, Enrollment Management and Technology, Metrics, and Policy at go.uwsa.edu/cbe. Resource materials include an introduction to competency-based education, models, and issues addressed; templates; webinars; infographics; a glossary; and videos such as a website overview by Aaron Brower, UW-Extension dean and vice chancellor, and a policy overview by David Schejbal, dean of Continuing Education, Outreach and E-Learning at UW-Extension and C-BEN board member. Brower, Schejbal, and the grant staff invite feedback through a form provided on the site.

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