Demonstrate Learning

  • Performance-based assessment
  • Clear, transparent performance expectations aligned to employer expectations
  • Criterion-referenced: judge against a standard
  • Sequencing & scaffolding of learning


Enhanced Outcomes

  • Evidence-informed practices /adjustments to curriculum
  • Outcomes at micro and macro levels
  • Transparency in outcomes
  • Defining CBE’s key value propositions/collecting data and reporting on dashboard indicators to inform modification

Improve Equity (Equity Collaboratory)

  • Intentionality & design based on targeted learner personas
  • Preprogram supports & services: ease transition to school
  • During program supports: ease learning journey
  • Post-program supports: ease transition to work

Reduce Time & Cost

  • Prior Learning assessment
  • Modularization/stackability
  • AI/Adaptive Learning
  • Business Model (subscription)

Engage Today’s Learners

  • Community/Partner-based models  (trusted community)
  • Flexibility & differentiation
  • Hybrid University/wraparound support services
  • Employer connectivity and applicability

Connect to Careers (Collab 4)

  • Alignment to workforce needs/ economic mobility
  • Employer engagement strategies
  • Non-credit to credit pathways
  • Short term stackables