About C-BEN

Community, Capacity Building, Consulting

Our Story

C-BEN grew out of the idea that higher education should focus on true competency—what an individual knows and can do—rather than on proxies for knowledge and skills. We believed that by building a network committed to growing competency-based education, we could make postsecondary education more flexible, responsive, and valuable for learners and employers.

Seven years ago, a founding group of institutions and public systems came together to launch C-BEN. Since then, the network has grown to include colleges and universities, state systems, corporations, and service providers dedicated to realizing the full potential of competency-based learning. Our work is grounded by a focus on quality, evidence-based practice, and outcomes.

Together, we’re building and growing a new approach to learning that works better for both students and the people who ultimately employ them. We hope you’ll join us in this work.

C-BEN’s focus on three main priorities


We are a diverse membership committed to working together to promote and grow competency-based learning through research, experience sharing, and convenings.

Capacity Building

We drive innovation—helping to accelerate the development, launch, and continuous improvement of competency-based learning programs— sharing insights and best practices that provide learners with more flexible, relevant, and valuable credentials.


We partner with institutions, state systems, and employers to build or enhance competency-based offerings using our unique Quality Framework for CBE Programs.

What Is C-BEN?

C-BEN is a network of institutions, employers, and experts who believe competencies can unlock the future of learning — making postsecondary education and training more flexible, responsive, and valuable. We support stakeholders across the spectrum of competency-based learning, from institutions and employers who want to embed competencies into their existing programs to those looking to design full competency-based degree programs from the ground up. Across all our work, our aim is to make education and training more flexible, responsive, and valuable.

How does C-BEN Support the field?

C-BEN supports the growth of CBE through educating others about competency-based learning, training and developing practitioners, sharing valuable connections, and providing technical assistance through consulting services. Check out our resource library and join us for a Huddle today!

Vision, Mission and Values


A postsecondary education system that is able to deliver on the promise of employability, equity, and mobility for every learner.


To be the indispensable go-to source of knowledge, skill and professional development for people and institutions looking to learn more about, develop or implement competency-based education


  • Authentic long-term relationships
  • Diversity of people, thought and action
  • Giving generously of time and talent so others may benefit from our work
  • Results-driven approaches
  • Evidenced-based, high-quality CBE practices
  • Fresh knowledge and new ideas that generate continued advances in CBE
  • Trusted collaborative and cooperative interactions
  • Humility and optimism in field leaders
  • Making visible and accessible our members’ talent and expertise

Meet The Team

Our team of experts is here to serve the growth of CBE and support you in your efforts.




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