About C-BEN

Revolutionizing how we design, experience, and measure learning.

Our Story

C-BEN grew out of the idea that higher education should focus on true competency — what an individual knows and can do — rather than on proxies for knowledge and skills. We believed that by building a network committed to growing competency-based education, we could make postsecondary education more flexible, responsive, and valuable for learners and employers.

That was ten years ago – since then, the demand for skilled, agile workers has only grown. We’ve built a diverse network of colleges and universities, state systems, corporations and employers, policymakers, and changemakers who are committed to implementing CBE in education, training, and hiring. As the movement grows, C-BEN’s role is to accelerate progress while remaining grounded in quality, evidence-based approaches.

The world is changing fast, and C-BEN is driving transformation in systems to match, changing not just how we design learning but also how we define it. Our network is where passion, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence combine to create a better path forward – because we deserve an approach to learning that works for everyone.

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To revolutionize education and workforce development to better meet the needs of both learners and employers, ultimately creating a more equitable, competency-based society.


A future where systems are designed to develop and evaluate competency, providing the foundation for greater personal well-being and a more thriving global economy.


Capacity Building

We drive the development, launch, and continuous improvement of competency-based education and workforce programs.

Community Building

We create opportunities for our diverse network to share experiences across sectors, learn from each other, and collaborate.


We partner with institutions, state systems, and employers to build or enhance competency-based offerings.