Who We Are

We are a network of institutions, employers, and experts who believe competency-based learning can unlock opportunities for today’s learners.


With our competency based programs, we develop and support learning that focuses on true competency—what an individual knows and can do—rather than on proxies for knowledge and skills. In doing so, we believe we can make postsecondary education and training more flexible, responsive, and valuable for learners and employers.

Improve Outcomes

Help more learners stay enrolled and complete a degree and/or high-quality credential.

Improve Equity

Serve today’s diverse learners more effectively by offering more accessible, affordable and responsive programs.

Connect to Careers

Improve connections between education and work by focusing on career-relevant competencies.

Demonstrate Learning

Enables learners to develop and demonstrate knowledge, skills, and behaviors for specific careers.

Increase Access for Today's Learners

Reach learners who have not been well-served by traditional models of postsecondary education and training.

Reduce Time & Cost

Make education and training more affordable and flexible by allowing learners to progress at their own pace.

What we Do

C-BEN is designing and growing a competency-based approach to education and training that enhances learning and career outcomes. We are a broad community of institutions, employers, and experts all working together. To accelerate the impact of competency-based learning, C-BEN provides a comprehensive set of offerings to members:

Capacity Building

We drive innovation—helping to accelerate the development, launch, and continuous improvement of competency-based learning programs— sharing insights and best practices that provide learners with more flexible, relevant, and valuable credentials.


We are a diverse membership committed to working together to promote and grow competency-based learning through research, experience sharing, and convenings.


We partner with institutions, state systems, and employers to build or enhance competency-based offerings using our unique Quality Framework for CBE Programs.

Join Our Community

Whether you are just hearing about competency-based learning, or have been running competency-based programs for years—we want you as part of our community. Experience the C-BEN community out through one of our convenings, or become a full member.

What is CBE?

Competency-based education came to be a game changer for learners and employers who hire them. Check out this short video and contact Competency-Based Education Network for more information.